Vision & Values

Our Vision is to be a global partner providing flexible, integrated and innovative solutions to the survey, IMR and light construction markets.

Our Values are reflected in all that we do...


  • Work towards a sustainable future in everything we do
  • Create lasting and added value for our stakeholders
  • Embrace change – be open, flexible and well prepared
  • Inspire respect and loyalty from our team and local communities


  • Maintain the highest level of safety awareness for every job
  • Commit wholeheartedly to meeting our goals and objectives
  • Relish challenges – even when the going gets tough
  • Remember that hard work and commitment bring lasting success


  • Approach challenges positively, professionally and responsibly
  • Commit to exceeding expectations in every job we do
  • Deliver against agreed schedules and budgets
  • Remember that hard work and commitment bring lasting success


  • Acknowledge our limitations and take responsibility for our failures
  • Remember that we can always improve
  • Respect, listen to and seek to learn from others
  • Use failures and shortfalls as opportunities to improve and grow


  • Act in all matters honestly, openly, and in the “right” way even where this is beyond formal regulations and requirements
  • Create a bond of trust with our stakeholders
  • Work to maximise our positive environmental impacts and be accountable for any damage we may cause


  • Appreciate diversity and the contribution that every individual’s expertise and experience brings
  • Work as One Team to complete difficult jobs in difficult places, safely
  • Celebrate our successes and remember that they belong to all of us